WordPress | WooCommerce


In the first couple years working for Kaye-Smith, I was tasked with updating the corporate website. The old theme had a dated appearance and was not responsive to smaller screen sizes. My tasks and deliverables were:

  • Create half-a-dozen page mocks of what the new site would look like and get approval from stakeholders.
  • Setup a development server and install WordPress.
  • Install applicable theme and plugins
  • Migrate old content to development server
  • Layout and style 30+ pages
  • Custom code content where needed.
  • After site has been tested, reviewed and approved, move to production server for launch.

Seattle Slam

This is my second iteration of the Seattle Slam wheelchair rugby website. I was responsible for the following:

  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Layout, install, customization and development of the theme and all plugins.

Wild Reiki Shamanic Healing

A client reached out to me for what initially seemed like a straight forward theme update. This quickly evolved into migrating fifteen plus years of content from a very active blogging, e-commerce site to a new host.

Frank & Mustard

Frank & Mustard is a children’s book site with a Woocommerce store. I was responsible for the design layout, and all WordPress setup, installs, and customizations, as well as providing continual support for the site.

CU Dealer Direct

A clean, straight forward two page website, the home page being introductory information and a contact page.