Rapsedi Prototype, Wireframes & Taskflows


We have been busy planning on moving Rapsedi Web Ordering System to cloud using AWS and rewriting the whole app using modern frameworks. We have decided to go with the Bootstrap and Angular frameworks. Using the Bootstrap components in Sketch, I created a mobile first prototype using Invision to give our off-shore developers an idea of the look and functionality in a mobile view.

New Product Feature – Versioned Items (Wireframes):

We are adding the ability for our proprietary Rapsedi Web Ordering System to support items with variations to support specifically apparel in our warehouse management system. The following are the wireframes for the versioned items followed by the administrative taskflow for the new feature.

New Product Feature – Versioned Items (Administrative Taskflow):

Below is the administrative workflow that accompanies the wireframes so the stakeholders and developers understand what each task the user is taking.